Class in the Digital World

When you think of an online class, what are the thoughts that come to mind? Some may think that the students who take online classes are students who are lazy or antisocial. Maybe they are the student who are looking for an easy way out. Students who only want to do the minimal work. The concept of an online class comes with many misconceptions. Parents, teachers and other professionals have formulated the idea that online classes cannot and does not provide the same experience as a student going to a “normal” class setting. They believe that the students miss out on the social aspects and interactions that the other students who aren’t in an online class receive. Others may think that students are more likely to fall behind because they do not have the strict rules like the ones in an in class setting does. They believe that students may not get the help that they may need from their teachers or even from their peers because they aren’t able to form that connection with their peers.

I believe that these are all misconceptions that society has developed towards online classes. From my own experience I can say without a doubt that an online class has the same benefits and maybe even more than an in-class setting. The students still learn the same materials as the other students but just in a different method. The belief that students are not able to get the help that they need from the teacher is wrong. Just because the class is online it does not mean that the teacher is not readily available for the students’ needs. An online class is beneficial in many ways. It allows for student athletes to do the homework and classwork at a time that is convenient for them. This rids of the excuse that “Oh I had a late game so I was not able to finish my homework.” Instead it gives those students a longer period of time, say one or two more days till the due date. Also students who have jobs and have differing times benefit from online classes. They are able to maneuver around their homework and set it to work in sync with their work schedule. Taking an online class not only allows for students to do the work at a time that is convenient for them but it also allows them to understand the concept of time management.

An online class does not mean that everything is done purely online. Students still meet with the teacher and their entire class at least once a week on a designated day. An online class not only helps students learn the needed material but gives them that advantage of learning to navigate the online world. It helps them develop their technological skills in ways that a student in an in-class setting is not provided with. Our society is already on the move towards things that are online and readily available at our fingertips. We are the generation that is in the digital age. We are known as the digital generation that does everything online whether it be communicating, buying/selling or even dating. If times are moving why are we not moving with it?



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