Play Day

During my Global School Day experience, it brought me back to a time where I experienced many great events as child that will forever be engraved in my memory. This might sound cheesy to some of you but my whole family and sometimes my cousins would have game nights that would last forever. These nights were the best because it would give us the opportunity to spend quality time with one another. One of my parents’ rules were that no electronics were allowed out during this time. This rule made it easier for us to interact and participate because there would be no distractions from our electronic devices pulling us out of the cyber world. For our game night, it included my sister, my cousins, and myself. We decided to play one of our favorite board games, Trivial Pursuit. The goal of this game is to answer various questions in different categories and to get to the center of the board as fast as possible. Some of the categories were entertainment, people and places, history, science and nature, and my personal favorite sports and leisure. This is my favorite category because I know a decent amount of things about sports and people’s favorite pastimes. When it comes to science and history I know I am screwed because I do not know much about these topics. Once in a while I will get the question right and everybody in my family would be surprised. Near the end of the game, my sister had a giant lead. Everyone else knew that we had no chance so we eventually started to give up. Every time my sister would advance a space, it would seem that everyone else in the family would fall behind. The questions seemed like it would become harder and harder every time. Eventually as time passed, she finally won. Being the competitor I am, I hate losing especially to my sister.


As a parent, I want my children to have as much fun as possible in everything they do. I think that when parents constantly tell their children to do well in school stating that “you will become a nobody,” it can really take a toll on the child’s mind. As much as I agree with doing well in school, I believe that living in the moment is more important because not everything will last forever. Kids will eventually forget what they have learned in school but won’t forget the unforgettable memories they have made. I also don’t think that parents realize how much stress can really affect their kid. Many children tend to get depressed as a result of stress, which could ultimately lead to atrocious events such as suicide or other disorders. I believe that many parents do not realize that school is not everything and does not ultimately determine your future. Sure having an education is super helpful in promoting a bright future, but we should not forget that teaching our children to really seize the moment and make it for what it’s worth is just as important. As cliche as it might sound, living life to it’s fullest teaches children that you should leave the past in the past and live with no regrets. It teaches them to be strong, determined and stress free. Having stress is not good for their mentality because it restricts them leading to problems such a poor health, social anxiety, etc. Kids should do what they do best and that is just being a kid.


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